How to Join

Visitors are always welcome! The best way for you to decide if Aikido is right for you is to join us on the mat for a free class. This will afford you the opportunity to see first-hand our welcoming class atmosphere and dedication for new students. You should plan to arrive 10 minutes early in order for introductions and to go over the necessary paperwork. Please dress in sweat pants and a t-shirt.

Once you have made the decision to join our dojo, please be prepared to write a check for the first month's practice fee ($50) and annual membership fees ($45) written in the amount of $90.00 and made payable to Aikido of Suenaka-Ha Indiana. Monthly dues are due by the first Sunday of each month and we do not require contracts.

All members of Wadokai Aikido are required to practice in an all-white Aikido or Judo-style Gi without patches or other markings. Other equipment you will find useful is a practice wooden sword called a bokken and a wooden staff called a jo. Because people have their personal preferences regarding the structure of these items, you can purchase them through any supplier. Students should obtain a gi within their first month of practice and other items as time allows.

General information

Class Format and New Students

Our class structure is quite simple, everyone practices in the open class format. The subject matter is not practiced according to one's rank. Your training will be commensurate with your level of experience. Everyone was a beginner once!

To All Visiting Aikidoka

Guests are welcome to practice at Aikido of Suenaka-Ha Indiana with a mat fee of $10 per class. Visitors are our guests and we welcome you to practice with us. We do ask that visitors refrain from teaching their own style and comply with our rules of dojo etiquette.

Class schedule & fees

Saturdays 4-6pm
Sundays 7-9pm

*Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes early.

$50 per month, due on or before 1st of each month
$45 annual fee, payable upon joining, and annually thereafter

Pay through PayPal™
New! We also support Chase QuickPay for payments.

Classes are held locally at Monroe County Martial Arts, just north of College Mall next to Learning Treasures, 223 S Pete Ellis Drive Suite #19, in Bloomington, Indiana. Free and on-site parking.

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For more information

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any additional questions.

We look forward to seeing you soon!